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sod harvesting


Wholesale and Contractor Prices Available!

Contact us for a credit application at Our team will get back to you quickly. We make it easy for your crew to come pickup!


There is retail and wholesale prices available. Sod is harvested in 6 square foot slabs, but please request when inquiring. Minimum order is 6 square feet. Since we are starting small, sod can be picked up or delivered 2 days after an order is placed, however some days we may be able to harvest faster than expected. Depending on weather, we may not be able to harvest due to the field conditions. Please check our Facebook page for updates and deals!


affordable installs!

Take the stress and work out of installing sod. let us get a trusted company to take care of it for you!

Whether it is your whole yard or just around your mailbox, we work with trusted contractors to conduct installation services which will make your lawn look beautiful! At First Capital Sod we stand behind our customers and are willing to help them out in anyway. Professional sod installation will improve the chances of survivability of the sod and insure the proper steps are followed for installation. 

property maintenance

Lawn Care and Enhancements

first capital sod offers many services pertaining to lawn care. we offer the following and more:   
mowing service
Aeration w/ overseeding

Along with the services listed, First Capital Sod offers many more services to have your yard in the best shape. First Capital Sod ensures a quality lawn and service and will take however long it takes to ensure the service requested meets expectations. First Capital Sod ensures quality along with affordable pricing. Feel free to contact us to see if we do another property maintenance that is not listed above!